Let’s Eat

When shopping for eggs, I look for the Organic, Free-range eggs. Why?

Organic foods cannot be irradiated, genetically modified or grown using synthetic chemicals or other offensive drugs. Free-range is best because the chickens are outside to forage for food beyond the grain they receive. The quality of the egg’s nutrition is greatly improved.

Cage-free does not mean the chickens get to go outside. It simply means they have no cages and often is related to a better quality egg.

Don’t be confused about the benefits. The nutritional value of an egg goes way beyond the protein. An egg adds to your vitamin, mineral and to the good omega 3 oils necessary for good health. A especially good food for kids.

Stay tuned for the damaging effects of cereals on children’s health. It is that serious!

God Bless,
Dr. Benzinger

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