Learn how to take control of your health through Dr. Benzinger’s seminar series about stress, emotions and building the life you want.

Back, Joints And Exercise

Dr. Benzinger imparts many points of view on the devastating affects of physical pain and dysfunction.

Emotional and Spiritual

This category is near and dear to Dr. Benzinger since these issues are often overlooked and undertreated. 

Gastrointestinal System

A continued look at how to manage and prevent GI problems. 

General Health Topics

General topic on health, prevention, and new information for your consideration.

Heart and Lungs

Dr. Benzinger seeks to included old and new concepts of understanding to the ongoing battle with Heart and lung conditions in America.


Pointers on the types and benefits of minerals in your body.


One of the most underserved and under-discussed areas of health maintenance and disease prevention.


Dr. Benzinger presents other uses and benefits to Vitamins in your body. 

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