Have you ever wondered if the ant spray and weed killer was killing you and your family slowly? Do you feel like there is no other choice? Well, there are other choices and here are options I use personally. Try them! Ant Spray: 10 ½ ounces of water, 3 ounces of...

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There is overwhelming evidence condemning the overuse of antibiotics in cows. In fact, a Federal Judge had to order the FDA to respond to a lack of evidence to justify the continued use at the present level. The USA has received warning after warning to reduce the...

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More Good Meat Choices

When it comes to purchasing beef and chicken there are a few words that make a huge difference: Grass-fed (for cows), Hormone-free/No added Hormones, and Organic. Grass-fed (for cows):  The animals are fed a diet of natural grass, not grain. The grass allows the cow...

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Let’s Eat

When shopping for eggs, I look for the Organic, Free-range eggs. Why? Organic foods cannot be irradiated, genetically modified or grown using synthetic chemicals or other offensive drugs. Free-range is best because the chickens are outside to forage for food beyond...

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Prayer Heals

I had the opportunity to evaluate a study that found 90% of the population prays for help from God when a crisis occurs. It was even more interesting to find out that only 50% pray daily to God. So what changes during the crisis? Do we realize God runs the world and...

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Turn It Around

How many times have you heard about beating a dead horse and expecting a different outcome each time? The idea of taking a tired, run-down and a bit overweight person and thrusting them into a NEW YEAR WEIGHT LOSS PROJECT is just like beating the dead horse. Unless we...

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