There is overwhelming evidence condemning the overuse of antibiotics in cows. In fact, a Federal Judge had to order the FDA to respond to a lack of evidence to justify the continued use at the present level.

The USA has received warning after warning to reduce the overprescribing of antibiotics to humans and animals. In fact, our poor management of this problem has put the rest of the world at risk for untreatable diseases that are non-responsive to the medications presently available.

Without going into all the scary statistics, suffice it to say that the danger of dying from an untreatable infection is very real. Thus, keeping your family away from animals receiving antibiotics in their grain everyday is important.

Try not to take antibiotics for any condition unless it is life threatening. Don’t give your teenager antibiotics to have perfect skin in high school. I cannot tell you how many I treat later for other conditions because of it.

If you cannot find meat that is healthy, BUY YOUR OWN COW!

God Bless,
Dr. Benzinger

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