If You are Pregnant, Don’t Golf or go to the Park

A recent study shows a link between negative brain changes and pesticides. Chloropyrifos or CPF, was banned from use in American homes, but is allowed to be used in public domains and is still used in places like South America where lots of our food comes from.

There is clear evidence that mothers exposed to CPF, even with low doses, have a much higher risk for producing a child with significant brain abnormalities.

Excuse me, but aren’t parks and golf courses there for people to use. So why would we allow CPF’s to be used as the pesticide on these public public areas? There is absolutely no common sense to allow this to continue. I can already hear the government agency saying; there is no proof that CPF’s are not safe at the doses used in parks and public domains. What if you are the sensitive one, what if you are the one that can’t process and remove this chemical in your body after exposure?

This is of course the tip of the iceberg, but how long is the public’s well-being second place to industry profits. How long will you stand by? Will it be a child in your family that has to suffer first?

God Bless,

Dr. Benzinger

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