Anger Management For Dummies

General Health | Books Do you or someone you know have possible anger issues? In this concise and practical guidebook, Dr. Doyle Gentry shares specific anger management methods, skills, and exercises that will help you identify the sources of anger and how to release...

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Back Pain Remedies for Dummies

General Health | BooksFor the millions of people who suffer from back pain, Dr. Michael Sinel provides reason to believe that back pain does get better and successful treatment is possible. The book presents a holistic approach to back pain prevention and treatment,...

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Life Beyond 100

Geriatrics | BooksNorman Shealy, M.D. takes aim at the habits that cause about 85 percent of all illness. Distilling the best alternative and traditional therapies, it shows how to know what's going on in our bodies and in our minds and abounds with nutritional...

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Osteoporosis For Dummies

Geriatrics | Books This easy-to-understand guide helps readers assess their risk and find a practical approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of osteoporosis. It covers bone density tests and a wide range of treatment options for osteoporosis-from hormone...

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Arthritis for Dummies

General Health | BooksArthritis for Dummies is your must-have guide for those dealing with the pain, stiffness and inflammation of arthritis. In his latest book, bestselling author Dr. Barry Fox addresses all aspects of the condition, including the different types of...

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