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Anger Management For Dummies

General Health | Books Do you or someone you know have possible anger issues? In this concise and practical guidebook, Dr. Doyle Gentry shares specific anger management methods, skills, and exercises that will help you identify the sources of anger and how to release...

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Back Pain Remedies for Dummies

General Health | BooksFor the millions of people who suffer from back pain, Dr. Michael Sinel provides reason to believe that back pain does get better and successful treatment is possible. The book presents a holistic approach to back pain prevention and treatment,...

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Arthritis for Dummies

General Health | BooksArthritis for Dummies is your must-have guide for those dealing with the pain, stiffness and inflammation of arthritis. In his latest book, bestselling author Dr. Barry Fox addresses all aspects of the condition, including the different types of...

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Home Safe Home

General Health | BooksYou may be shocked to learn of the harmful toxins found in every American home today. Debra Lynn Dadd's book Home Safe Home is the ultimate guide to identifying and ridding your home of toxic exposure. It's a "good news" book that focuses more on...

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Multiple Sclerosis For Dummies

General Health | Books Although MS is unpredictable and everyone's MS is different, this book provides valuable information that can help you. It gives strategies for managing the wide variety of symptoms that can occur and gives you tips for keeping your life on...

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Psychology for Dummies

General Health | BooksPsychology For Dummies is a fun, user-friendly guide to the basics of human behavior and mental processes. In plain English and using lots of everyday examples, psychologist Dr. Adam Cash cuts through the jargon to explain what psychology is all...

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Addiction & Recovery for Dummies

General Health | Books For anyone dealing with addiction, this book will help you or someone you love break free from addictive substances or behaviors and get a fresh start. This compassionate guide helps you identify the problem and work towards a healthy, realistic...

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